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The mini turfroller™ is a 3 point hitch version of g2 turftools® turfroller™ with rounded edges that also incorporates g2 turftools® patented turfslicer™. With the turfslicer™ attachment, the mini turfroller™ makes planting sprigs, setting seed, and top dressing more efficient. The unique slicing action of the turfslicer™ blades also penetrates the thatch area to provide much needed air space while replanting existing stolons to promote a healthier, thicker turf. The turfslicer™ is fully adjustable to a depth of 1.5" for maximum slicing of turf, sprigs, or seed. When not using the turfslicer™, the turfroller™ can be used to smooth existing turf surfaces with the maneuverability of a 3 point hitch attachment. You can now easily improve rolling production without the compaction problems most heavy asphalt rollers cause to the underlying soil. Rolling has become a basic turf management practice to smooth the surface and place disturbed turf back in contact with the soil.

mini turfroller


Model Number: 0672-0000
Width: 95.5"
Length: 33.5"
Rolling Width: 72"
Hitch Required: category 2-3 point hitch
Tractor Required: 25 hp
Hydraulics Required: auxiliary for turfslicer™ operation
turfslicer™ Shaft: 1" steel keyed shaft
Productivity at 2 mph: 1.5 acres per hour


Frame: 3" x 6" x 3/16" steel tubing
Roller: 84" x 14" x 3/∕8" steel roller
Roller Shaft: 1.5" cold rolled steel
Roller Bearings: 1.5" flange bearings
Roller Ends: 1/4" steel elliptical rounded ends
Hitch Pins: 3/4" category 2 pins
Scrapers: one mud scraper bar
Drains: 2–1" recessed fill/drain plugs
Grease Fittings: all movable parts and bearings
Hydraulic Connectors: John Deere or Kubota (specify when ordering)
Slicer Blades: 67–1∕8" heavy duty stainless steel laser cut blades
Bushings: precision steel spacer bushings
Bearings on turfslicer™: 3–1" support flange bearings on pivot shaft
Depth Control: fully adjustable to depth of 1.5"
Options: turfroller™ with tow bar and 2" bull dog hitch