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A patented device designed to replace the conventional method of laying "big roll" sod with an expensive and cumbersome track machine. The g2 turfrack® will significantly increase production by reducing the personnel and equipment required to lay sod. It also significantly reduces damage to the finished grade during the installation process. The turfrack® is attached to the three-point hitch of a 45 hp tractor with turf tires (for reduced ground pressure) and is connected to the hydraulic and electrical systems of the tractor. With the turfrack® multi-function joystick, all of the controls for the turfrack® are placed within easy reach of the operator on the tractor's draft control. Without the need for a separate forklift to transport the rolls to the laying equipment, production is increased, equipment and personnel are reduced, and damage and over compaction of final grade are nearly eliminated. Production rates are 500 square yards per hour with an operator and three workers. There is no need for a fork lift, or an operator or personnel to clean up, regrade and repair damage to the final grade. The turfrack® becomes an economical, high production replacement to existing "big roll" sod laying equipment and techniques. Its hydraulic arms close and clamp on the roll and can easily lift it and move it from the staging area to the installation site as well as actually install the new turf, all in one inexpensive attachment to your tractor.



Model Number: 0348-0000
Width: 58 7/8"
Length: 34 3/8"
Height: 28 3/4"
Weight: 275 lbs
Capacity: 48" x 75 (30 Yard) Sod Roll
Hitch Required: Category 1-3 Point Hitch
Tractor Required: 45 hp with counter weights
Hydraulics Required: Power Beyond 2 Hose
Hydraulics: Electric Over Hydraulic/Dual Electric Solenoid Relay Controlled
Power Required: 12 vdc
Productivity: 500 yards per hour (3 men and tractor)


Frame: 3" x 6" x 3∕/16" steel tubing 1/2" x 5" steel hitch frame
Hitch Pins: 7/8" category 1 pins
Hydraulic Connectors: John Deere or Kubota (specify when ordering)
Electrical Power: power cord and connectors
Multi Function Joystick: waterproof, 6 function, right and left lift arm in–out, roll brake, power indicator LED
Joystick Mounting: universal draft control adapter
Joystick Cable: 7–conductor 6' cable with waterproof quick disconnects
Roll Brake: integral 7" adjustable electric drum brake with replaceable pads
Grease Fittings: all movable parts and bearings
Capacity: 30" rolls to up to 48" rolls
Options: netting removal system; skid steer mount

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