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g2 turftools®, inc. Patented 84" turfplaner® is a pull behind implement powered by a minimum 45 hp tractor. The turfplaner® consists of a frame mounted cutting head that is capable of removing up to 2" x 84" of turf, soil or both in a single pass with average production rates of 4,000 square feet per hour. The 110 carbide insert teeth are easily removed and can be sharpened multiple times. Spoils are removed and transported to waiting trailers by a series of high speed conveyors powered by two independent hydraulic motors. The turfplaner® can be operated in any of three modes, Manual, AutoGrade®, or Laser. Manual mode includes AutoDepth® to ensure consistent cutting depth, while AutoGrade® ensures consistent grades on existing surfaces such as ball fields. AutoGrade® uses built in sensors to sense the ground elevation and automatically adjust the cutting head to maintain a predetermined elevation relationship with the existing ground. AutoDepth® uses built in sensors to maintain the cutting head automatically at a predetermined height with the relationship to the rear roller of the turfplaner® and the rear tires of the tow tractor. In addition to the three modes, it can also be operated with any combination of the three. For example, when removing a lip on a baseball field you can operate with one side in AutoGrade® and the other on Laser or one side on Laser and the other on Manual. With thirteen different combinations of operation, the g2 turftools® 84" turfplaner® can be used to smooth almost any surface.



Model Number: 0584-0000
84" cutting width with a 2" cutting depth
3/8" steel tube frame with 1/2" steel frame plates
110 replaceable carbide tipped cutting teeth
dual poly chain drive belt system
dual proportional laser hydraulics
fully integrated control center with manual autograde®
aser controls and all hydraulic functions
dual hydraulic conveyor motors
dual hydraulic conveyor elevator lift cylinders
continuous conveyor belts
complete dual autograde and autodepth system
fully articulating 14" rear roller
4" full width anti-scalp roller
hydraulic transport assembly with low profile turf tire


dual laser receivers
autograde® technology
carbide insert teeth
dual hydraulic conveyor motors
turfplaner® control panel
anti-scalp roller