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A patented turf slicing device installed on the g2 turftools® turffloat™ provides an easy and effective way to grind up and redistribute aerification cores to low areas. The unique slicing action of the turfslicer™ blades also penetrates the thatch area to provide much needed air space while replanting existing stolons to promote a healthier, thicker turf. When installed on the g2 turffloat™, the 1∕8" stainless steel blades have proven effective in redistributing aerification cores with just two passes eliminating harvesting or repeated dragging to remove cores. With adjustable frame mounts the patented slicer blades can be raised clear of the surface for free floating action or set to a depth of 1.5" for maximum slicing of turf or sprigs. The g2 turftools® turfslicer™, mounted on the g2 turftools® turffloat™, has proven to be a winning combination in the fight against aerification cores and keeping quality turf uniform, smooth and dense.



Model Number: 0472-0000 for 72" turfslicer™
Width: 72"
Length: 6"
Height: 6"
Weight: 100 lbs
Required Frame: g2 turftools® turffloat™ 1/4" grate
Hitch Required: category 1-3 point hitch
Tractor Required: 25 hp
Productivity: 1.5 acres per hour
Shaft: 1" steel keyed shaft
Parts Included: slicer assembly with 67 - 6" blades, all bearings and mountings, turffloat™ grate with weld on tabs


Mounting: 4–3/8" steel adjustable mounts
Slicer Blades: 67–1/8" heavy duty stainless steel laser cut blades
Bushings: precision steel spacer bushings
Bearings: 4–1" support flange bearings
Depth Control: fully adjustable to depth of 11⁄2"
Grease Fittings: 2
turffloat Compatible Grate: 1/4" x 8" x 72" steel grate for turffloat with 18–1/4" weld on mounting tabs and bolts
Options: also available in 104"